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[EG1] 0PCT Pool#1

Pool ID: pool1a8902n5s5z8cgehphzj8ujwv6wf7dycnrdx4ekfz9cwmwj2fenu (e9caf54e90a08f8466e1b8a47e49ccd393e693131b4d5cd9222e1db7)

EGuard+ 0PCT Staking Pool#1 - 0% margin fee! - Backup your mnemonic seed on EGuard+ Crypto Seed Steel Plates

Name 0PCT Pool#1
ROA Lifetime
Live Stake
165.47k โ‚ณ
Active Stake
164.72k โ‚ณ
10.00k โ‚ณ
Fixed Cost
340 โ‚ณ
Last Rewards
minting E258
Estimated Blocks in Whole Epoch
Block Trend
Lifetime Blocks
Lifetime Luck
2021-03-13 22:39:53
Pool Owners
2 (rewards)
Pledge Leverage
Social Media
Claimed pool 

EGUARD 316 crypto seed storage

Giving You What You Need

Peace of Mind Included

Protect your investment from catastrophic loss!

Corrosion resistant
Fireproof up to 1400C/2500F

Store any 12 or 24 words mnemonic seeds
Compatible with Ledger and Trezor Hardware wallets mnemonic seeds

Extra wide lines allows for more then 1 full inch per word
Extra space at the top and bottom of the plates to identify your seeds or add notes

Specially engineered holes allow for use with zip ties or “Chicago Screws”


Visit for more info.

Note to early birds

Our 1st test batch of "crypto seed steel backup plates" is a miss and the test batch the factory returned us does not meet the quality standards we have set.
We might put the best looking ones out of that batch for sale at a very low price. If you don't mind dents and sratches, that could be an opportunity to put you hand on very cheap metal plates.

To other potential pool operators.

If you think you have what it takes to become your own pool operator, get started with the best VPs out there.
We use:

  • 4 vCPU
  • 8G RAM
  • 200G SSD
  • USA & Germany datacenters

Only 7$! 

Visit our website for our affiliate links.


We also sell Crypto related merch at

Our pledge

We would like to inform delegators that we do have significant skin in the game.

We "stake" the bulk of our ADA to our pool instead of "pledging" it. Our total delegation to the pool amount to over 160 000 ADA.

Our official, reported operator "pledge" is small since we have judged the pool staking process is in early stages, as user friendly as early Linux and potentially risky to the pool owner at the moment. Therefore, we provide our "pledge" as a "stake" through HW wallets.

We will convert our "stake" into "plege" once it is integrated into Daedalus and HW wallets and we feel safer about it.

We see a great future for Cardano and wish to contribute our time, money and efforts to the community through a Pool, "crypto seed steel backup plates" and other products soon available on and


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