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[COSD] Centre for Open Systems Deployment

We help users and organisations migrate away from proprietary systems to Linux and cryptocurrenciesโ€ฆ supporting online privacy, individual freedom, and progressive business.

Follow us on Twitter for news & announcements: @COSDpool ... and bookmark our pool web page:
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Linux & security resources for ada holders, pool operators, and everyone. Your pool margin helps develop & share these resources.

Centre for Open Systems Deployment
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The COSD Pool Mission

Avoid the compulsion to delegate to the current #1 (closest to saturation point) pool in your wallet... 
Forget the mad shuffle in favour of percentages that go up & down for everybody from week to week...

Staking with COSD will help increase the long term value of your Ada.

To see how, read / bookmark / keep visiting these pages:

COSD pool page (already linked above) = How and why we're supporting third world communities... the broadest and most critical targets for global Cardano adoption... by building high-tech infrastructure on an environmentally friendly, simple, cheap & easily reproducible platform.

COSD Cardano Development page = If you've got a stake pool, or like the idea of clicking a link to delegate to the pool you want, or would like to see sharing of multi-pool "delegation portfolios" by the community itself... check out the work we're doing to make this a reality.

The Frankenwallet = Instructions for our pilot version of a USB encrypted Linux partition.. for the peace of mind of keeping Daedalus & other wallets off your main computer, or creating an air gapped place to generate & keep your crypto keys.

Linux migration resources = Your delegation with COSD will help fill out this outline with our basic migration guides from 12 years of small business Linux support, to keep this material free for you and others adopting Linux... for crypto security, privacy and freedom!

Read our writing on the Cardano Forum

... for a long term view of what your Ada investment is doing & will be able to do: in support of Cardano technology, economics, decentralistion, and creative freedom 😍

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