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Welcome to Anvil Pool. A secure, reliable, and affordable pool. Join us and let's forge some Ada together!
Pool ID: pool1jzzwh6cpressu62sdzn5l2yrmtz7mf2l4jnhzpa47sqxg8e9xkh (9084ebeb011e610e695068a74fa883dac5eda55faca77107b5f40064)

A reliable pool with low fees and no nonsense. I am a single pool operator and family physician who is committed to creating a secure pool that allows you to receive the highest return possible. Join ANVIL today and letโ€™s forge some Ada together!

Anvil Pool
ROA Lifetime
Live Stake
94.10k โ‚ณ
Active Stake
94.10k โ‚ณ
75.00k โ‚ณ
Fixed Cost
340 โ‚ณ
Last Rewards
265 epochs ago E0
Estimated Blocks in Whole Epoch
Block Trend
Lifetime Blocks
Lifetime Luck
2021-04-14 05:49:37
Pool Owners
2 (rewards)
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I'm a family physician working in Canada. I have a personal passion for all things IT / Networking but especially Cardano. I've been following Cardano from the sidelines since 2018 and recently decided it was time to start doing my part to help the network grow by starting my own pool.

Currently, my setup is cloud-based (3x VPS scattered across the globe) making it easy to upgrade as needed. The servers were set up with security as a top priority following the best practice guidelines as per the Cardano stake group. Pledge and stake keys are also offline and stored on a hardware wallet for extra security. All the servers are monitored using Grafana / Prometheus and are set to alert me via Telegram bot if there are any issues.

Plans / Future goals:
  • I plan on adding another relay once I start seeing an increase in delegators and become self-sufficient
  • Update my website a bit to include more details
  • Keep our margin + Fixed fees as is at least until our first 10-20 blocks (maybe longer)
    • Planning on staying competitive and any changes to our fees will be announced at least a month ahead of time
  • Considering contributing to a charity (more on this later)
  • Continue work on our Gitbook
    • plans on including a page on taxes and crypto (something that isn't covered much it seem) and how to set up a test-net server for those who are interested in starting their own pool
  • Possibly add another person to help with pool maintenance once we increase in size
My hope is that my pool will grow eventually and be a safe place for people to park their Ada. The pool right now is still young (<1mo old) so it hasn't minted a block yet but I am hoping that people will support us to increase our chances of minting.

Welcome to ANVIL pool.
Let's forge some Ada together!
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