IOG has released db-sync with several bugs and a new release has not yet been issued. for this reason, rewards, metadata, stake sizes may be temporarily inaccurate in some cases. thank you for your understanding.

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[GIV] GIV Pool

GIV is run by operators who simply wish to keep Cardano decentralized and secure. We are information security professionals who know how to keep systems up and secure, and will reliably mint every block to which we are assigned. Please reach out and help keep Cardano decentralized by staking to a small pool. Thanks!
Pool ID: pool1selmgl0cnmqy592g8gg9gnn5gthy39sdyfe0dx98n007ceml3e7 ( 867fb47df89ec04a15483a10544e7442ee48960d2272f698a79bdfec)

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Decentralize the planet

GIV Pool
ROA Lifetime
Live Stake
181.52k โ‚ณ
Active Stake
180.49k โ‚ณ
100.00k โ‚ณ
Fixed Cost
340 โ‚ณ
Last Rewards
1 epochs ago E279
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Lifetime Blocks
Lifetime Luck
2021-04-04 20:22:43
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Who we are

GIV pool is dedicated to decentralizing the Cardano network and offering reliable stake pool operations with maximum uptime. The pool is operated by a veteran software developer and information security professional with over 10 years experience. All rewards earned by the stake pool will go back into the stake until the pool is within K.

Our Infrastructure

Block producer - AWS t3.xlarge with 4 cores and 16 GB of ram
Relay 1 - AWS t3.large with 2 cores and 8 GB of RAM
Relay 2 - AWS t3.large with 2 cores and 8 GB of RAM

All nodes are hosted on separate AWS regions and securely connected via WireGuard. Once we are within K, the block producer will be moved to a bare metal server in a compliant data center.

Fees Schedule

The progression of our margin fees are as follows:
0% - Less than 1 million in stake
1% - Less than 2 million in stake
1.8% - Greater than 2 million in stake

All changes in fees or margin rates will be announced no less than four weeks in advance, so you will always have time to switch pools before it takes effect.

We sincerely appreciate your stake and commitment to keeping Cardano decentralized and healthy. Together, we can revolutionize how the world solves issues regarding Governance, Identity, and Value.
 - The GIV Team
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