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JUNO operator has 25 years experience in Information Technology with profound knowledge of linux, security, cloud native, enterprise solutions and blockchain.

100% honesty, integrity and transparency towards my delegators.

Committed to Cardano since early 2017, part of ITN and HTN.

Stake pool characteristics: secure, resilient and performant.
Low margin: 1.45% till 06/30/2021

Soon I will present a surprise for staking min. 20K ADA during a period of minimal one month with JUNO. So stay tuned.
Pool ID: pool1we0xjccr3vc4ypnmhzsgwp7sxpsytu8dtv0syeqmtrllvcex68q (765e6963038b3152067bb8a08707d0306045f0ed5b1f02641b58fff6)

Stake safe and secure with JUNO - Pledge is locked for 3 years, stake pool margin is automatic re-delegated for 3 years. Single pool operator.

ROA Lifetime
Live Stake
10.23M โ‚ณ
Active Stake
10.20M โ‚ณ
350.00k โ‚ณ
Fixed Cost
340 โ‚ณ
Last Rewards
minting E243
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2020-07-29 23:54:11
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It is important to support the Cardano ecosystem actively to make it a success for everyone that is involved in this project. This is exactly what I am doing.

Below you will find how I as stake pool operator of ADA4Profit - JUNO am doing this.

  • Single stake pool operator
    I am running only one stake pool and not planning to run another stake pool shortly. What is this important? To support the decentralization and security of the Cardano network it is important that stake pools produce on a regular basis blocks that are assigned to them. This is what JUNO is doing. Ideally you want the network to be balanced and the majority of stake not concentrated in multiple stake pools run by the same owner. Why? Potentially this could be harmful to the network since this owner gets too much power in the network. That stake pool operator could conspire with similar stake pool operators and gain the majority or 51% ownership in the network. Why should this be avoided? These stake pool operators could prevent new transaction from gaining confirmations, allowing them to halt payments between some or all users. They would be able to reverse transactions that were completed while they are in control of the network, meaning they could double spend coins. This why it is important not to stake with stake pool operators that are operating a farm of stake pools. Another thing we see is that stake pool owners offer stake pool as a service and making money of this, basically they are doing this to grow stake pool farms. I discourage you to stake with a pool that is making use of these services since the owner is not operating the pool, basically just marketing it and supporting the growth of stake pool farms.
  • Actively fighting for decentralization of the Cardano network
    It is important to have many stake pools on Cardano that are not concentrated at a single stake pool owner/operator to avoid stake pool farms. I am discouraging everyone from staking with stake pool farms or to stake with stake pool owners that provide stake pool services to grow their stake pool farms. JUNO has physically distributed servers in multiple datacenters around the world. I did avoid large players like Amazon, Google Cloud and Microsoft since in my opinion they have a dangerous amount of power that could potentially down the Cardano network. The servers JUNO stake pool is running on are are located in the US, Germany and Finland and have excellent network connectivity and uplinks.
  • Actively contributing to the Cardano community
    Making educational videos on several topics related to the Cardano project, writing guides, contributing to community members podcasts, being guest in external podcasts related to the topic blockchain. Making creative content to promote Cardano. I actively help people with onboarding in Cardano, help them install their wallets, buy and transfer crypto to it and stake their ADA or educate them about Cardano and blockchain. Next to this I am actively participating with my dev team in Project Catalyst. I have filed three proposals for fund 3, two of them are already under development by my dev team and  I am interacting with other teams who are in search for dev resources to bring their idea forward. 
  • Experienced Stake pool operator, joined at the start of ITN Testnet
    I have over 25 years experience in Information Technology. i have worked for several International operating IT companies. In these companies I had important roles to drive the success of their products and services in the markets they were active. Since 4 years I have my own co-founded company and am I involved in several other start-up companies in IT. I have a good knowledge of linux and best security practices and with my dev team we are building secure cloud native, blockchain and mobile solutions that incorporate ml, ai and iot. JUNO stake pool is highly resilient for failure and is build upon portable microservices that run on bare metal servers in diffent data centers on different locations. I joined the Cardano project since early 2017 and was part of this whole amazing journey, that hopefully is going to be even better after Goguen is fully implemented in production.

  • I have a loyal and very supportive group of delegators with which I meet on a daily basis in my Telegram group
    You are invited to join my Telegroup group here. We like to talk in this group about topics like technology, trading, the blockchain, Cardano and our personal lifes. I prefer transparency, integrity and honesty towards my delegators and understand they are the cornerstone to the success of JUNO, so their voice is heard by me and I represent my delegators. My messages related to block assignment are dependent on the slot assigment by the Ouroboros protocol, sometimes good news and sometimes bad news. So please don't judge my stake pool JUNO on the slots we get assigned since this not under my control. We all know that the performance of a stake pool should even out over time and converge to 5% ROS. So be prepared there will be cheerful and less cheerful times, thats part of the game.
I hope above reasons are also valid reasons for you. I would love if you would support my work and stake your ADA with JUNO.

Thank you for your support,
Ron ADA4Profit - JUNO stake pool operator

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