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JUNO operator has 25 years experience in Information Technology with profound knowledge of linux, security, cloud native, enterprise solutions and blockchain.

100% honesty, integrity and transparency towards my delegators.

Committed to Cardano since early 2017, part of ITN and HTN.

Stake pool characteristics: secure, resilient and performant.
Low margin: 1.45% till 06/30/2021

Soon I will present a surprise for staking min. 20K ADA during a period of minimal one month with JUNO. So stay tuned.
Pool ID: 765e6963038b3152067bb8a08707d0306045f0ed5b1f02641b58fff6 (pool1we0xjccr3vc4ypnmhzsgwp7sxpsytu8dtv0syeqmtrllvcex68q)

Stake safe and secure with JUNO - Pledge is locked for 3 years, stake pool margin is automatic re-delegated for 3 years. Single pool operator.

ROA Lifetime
Live Stake
10.20M โ‚ณ
Active Stake
10.03M โ‚ณ
350.00k โ‚ณ
Fixed Cost
340 โ‚ณ
Last Rewards
minting E241
Estimated Blocks in Whole Epoch
Block Trend
Lifetime Blocks
Lifetime Luck
2020-07-29 23:54:11
Pool Owners
2 (rewards)
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ADA4Profit - JUNO (previous A4PEU) a single operated stake pool. 

About me

Hello my name is Ron and I am the stake pool operator of ADA4Profit - JUNO stake pool. I live in the Netherlands in a city with the name Deventer.

I chose the name ADA4Profit because I thought this would be appealing to delegators since they would like to make profits on their stake. 

JUNO is a space probe that was doing scientific investigation of the planet Jupiter, I thought this was applicable to the work I was doing as stake pool operator during ITN and HTN on the Cardano blockchain. My dog is called JUNO as well, so in fact my stake pool was named after him.

I have a technical background and I have worked for many years in the field of commercial software sales for International operating companies.

End 2016 I decided to start my own IT company which I co-founded with a colleague which I have worked with for several years and known for more than 20 years. Our focus within this company is innovation, we are building cloud-native solutions on basis of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things for a broad scope of problems for which most companies don't have the expertise in-house. 

Starting my own company was the best choice I have made in my life. It gives me the necessary freedom, being able to put my own priorities, being creative and innovative in thinking about new solutions for certain problems.

I work with a team of technical very skilled full-stack and blockchain developers who have knowledge of the latest techniques and deep knowledge of cryptography. I work closely together with them and by doing so they are able to deliver the things that are asked for.

Currently in 2020 I am involved in 2 additional co-founded IT companies both involved in the blockchain.

In one of these co-founded companies we have build a security token issuance platform on basis of the Ethereum blockchain. We have plans for porting this solution to the Cardano blockchain once the smart contract functionality is available for developers.

Further we have many more ideas of how we can leverage the Cardano blockchain to build commercial grade solutions for real existing use cases.

So besides being a stake pool operator which I love to do to keep my technical skills up to date my real interest lies in new technologies and applying them to solve real problems and find business opportunities for it. The Cardano blockchain fits into this picture perfectly.


I joined the Cardano project right after the Cardano project was listed and the ADA digital currency appeared on the first exchanges early 2017. After reading the first whitepapers I realized that the Cardano project was something complete different than most projects that were just copies of Ethereum and Bitcoin. So since very early 2017 I am personally invested in Cardano project.

I was part of the Incentivized Testnet on basis of jormungandr that was written in the rust programming language. Actually to be honest my experience with ITN and jormungandr were not that great but I knew it was a temporary implementation that would be replaced with the cardano-node written in the haskell programming language.

As I hoped for and expected this node was of a complete different quality then the jormungandr node.

So I was part of the Haskell Testnet as well and started on the Mainnet with two stake pools A4PEU and A4PUS. Did you actually know that ADA4Profit did register it stake pools on the Mainnet as one of the first 50 stake pools, our registration date goes back to 2020-07-29 23:54:11. At that time I partnered up with someone from the community but it turned out that we were not aligned and we had different ideas in going forward, so we decided both to go our own ways.

From the start there was not much interest for both stake pools so I decided to give up on A4PUS to fully concentrate on the A4PEU stake pool. Main reason for not much interest was that our variable fee 4.5% as advised by Cardano was undercut by many stake pool operators and used as a marketing instrument to gain stake.

I cut our variable stake pool fee for A4PEU to 2.5% in a much later stage and recently did this again for the first half year of 2021.

The majority of my stake pool delegators recently voted with majority to rename the stake pool into JUNO, as such I did.

Till today we were only able to attract ~10 mln stake although we belonged to the first 50 stake pools registered on Mainnet.
Mainly we missed out on the advantage of having a low variable fee, despite running many campaigns and regular presence on social media, in youtube videos, writing articles and delegation guides contributing to the community.

On basis of this I decided to start the development of a self-funded community app on which our development team is working next to their day to day job. I am hopeful that we can launch this solution before Goguen is rolled out completely.

Next to this I am working on a series of YouTube videos and will be producing as much interesting content as I can for the community.

I have a marketing campaign planned during the 1st quarter of 2021.

Hopefully this and the other activities will help in increasing the stake in my stake pool stake.

My main motivation for all this work is my delegators. I want to deliver good results on stake for them since they are the backbone of the existence of my stake pool JUNO.

Via this way I like to thank everyone who is delegating to JUNO and supporting my activities. 

What I hope for is that I will be able to increase our stake to the level of 32M ADA, so we can play a role in the security and decentralization of the Cardano blockchain. I have the infrastructure in place for this with 4 relay nodes and 1 block-producer node with a hot standby and a test node.

Our nodes run for the majority on bare metal servers who are located in different geographic locations and different datacenters
Further I put a lot of effort in automating and securing my stake pool infrastructure. Part of this process is the complete offline generation of signing keys so they are never exposed on thrid party cloud servers and stored safely.

I hope you enjoyed some of the background information I gave about myself and my stake pool JUNO. In case you did I would like to invite you to stake with JUNO and join my telegram channel 

Many of my stake pool delegators are meeting each other on a daily basis in my telegram channel. I am actively participating in the discussions about Cardano and questions related to the stake pool, the blockchain in general and trading. Come join us and ask our delegators why they chose for JUNO, they will tell you the truth about their experiences with other stake pool operators.

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