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🇺🇸 Experienced operator. Low fees, high rewards and stable operation. We are one of first stakepools on Cardano network ever. Part of ITN, F&F. Cardano ambassadors: Lukas and Jaromir.

🇯🇵 経験豊富なオペレーター。低い手数料、高い報酬、安定した運営。私たちは、Cardanoネットワーク上の最初のステークプールの一つです。ITNとF&Fの一部です。Cardanoのアンバサダー。LukasとJaromir。
Pool ID: pool1vx9tzlkgafernd9vpjpxkenutx2gncj4yn88fpq69823qlwcqrt (618ab17ec8ea7239b4ac0c826b667c599489e25524ce74841a29d510)

This pool is a valuable contributor to the community.

We are guards of cardano - we are Cardanians.

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Live Stake
47.90M ₳
Active Stake
45.31M ₳
500.00k ₳
Fixed Cost
340 ₳
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minting E271
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2020-07-29 22:16:51
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Welcome to Cardanians 🤝

We are Cardanians. A group of several fans who have been devoting their effort and energy to Cardano since 2017. Three of us became official ambassadors in 2019.

From the beginning, we decided to devote a lot of time to writing articles about Cardano. You can see them on We regularly inform our followers about all related events on Twitter. You can see We are building the Czech and Slovak Cardano community and we have over 2300 members at the time of writing. We also translate foreign articles and support several projects that will be beneficial for the Cardano network. For example, the Cardano Journal that you can find on  We also participate in building an independent tool for evaluating the performance of pools and explore Cardano blocks. You can have a look at it on or Yes, ADApools is the page you are on right now!

Our scope in the field of cryptocurrencies was initially wide and we tried to focus on many projects. In the end, we decided to dedicate our work only to Cardano. All our work and efforts are based primarily on the belief that Cardano will be a very useful and popular network one day. It will help us to get rid of middlemen and bring financial freedom to people that need it the most. We are proud that we can help with the adoption of the blockchain network.

We will be happy if you appreciate our work by delegating to our pool. We have fair and stable fees and the performance is at the maximum level. We have bare metal servers, no cloud. We operate 24/7 all year round. Each delegation will help us to continue with our commitment.

Thank you and we will see together on the Moon! 🌖❤️
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