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[PATI⏳] Patience 辛抱

PATI⏳ is a cloud based pool with relays in the USA and Europe.

Our current mission is doing our part to secure the network via pledge, promote education about the ecosystem, and providing a secure, independent and performant staking platform for ADA holders to stake on.

We hope to establish our website as an eventual hub of education for delegators and SPOs alike.

As the network evolves we intend to explore new means of adding value via dapps or other similar new opportunities.

辛抱 / Δτ
Pool ID: pool1g2htk67ngtrw5mz6npgu3tugmcuqfgu0lxm8m26d7x79w75xupn (42aebb6bd342c6ea6c5a9851c8af88de3804a38ff9b67dab4df1bc57)

Patience Cardano Stake Pool

Patience 辛抱
ROA Lifetime
Live Stake
823.11k ₳
Active Stake
821.71k ₳
500.00k ₳
Fixed Cost
340 ₳
Last Rewards
minting E243
Estimated Blocks in Whole Epoch
Block Trend
Lifetime Blocks
Lifetime Luck
2020-10-17 22:11:38
Pool Owners
1 (rewards)
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Epoch 244 update:

Quick update today, we have not been elected for any blocks in the upcoming epoch 244. We've been lucky recently so this isn't all that surprising, though the odds remained the same as the selection process is randomized without any historical biases. We will see you in the next epoch!


IOG Delegation Update:

I am happy to announce our pool was among 100 community pools to be selected for three months of 3.2m IOG Ada delegation! This will occur near the end of Jan. / start of Feb. The effects will result in steady block production every epoch, and thus more rewards assurance for public delegates. This will also give us a chance to prove our minting capability and climb in the wallet ranks which should help attract more delegation so that we do not require a second application to this program.

The delegation size is small enough that rewards for public stake should be minimally impacted and you can expect blocks to be made in most epochs barring any incredibly bad slot lottery luck.

Overall this is great news and means that you have an opportunity to gain higher ROI with a number of small pools for a time! You can find the list of pools and read more about this initiative here. This will also provide us with an extra incentive to reinvest both time and other resources into the future of our operation. Thank you to IOG and everyone who has helped us get this far! 💚


Epoch 243 update:

The luck doesn't seem to be ending and we are scheduled for another block in 243! That is four epochs in a row, which is quite nice for our stake level. Enjoy the rewards!

Our monthly ROA as calculated by Adapools appears to be 8.585%, which makes me happy to see. Luck has been on our side lately but this illustrates nicely the benefits of supporting small pools as the yield has a chance to be higher than average as the pool grows. Thank you for your support, I look forward to our continued service!


Epoch 242 update:

Greetings! Reporting for the new epoch 242, we have another block scheduled, which is still quite lucky considering recent epochs. Look forward to more rewards soon! As usual this block will be verifiable on our pooltool page. Thank you for your continued support. 💚 / ⏳


Epoch 241 update:

Hello again everyone! Just a quick update, we have minted our second block for the epoch a couple of hours ago. I just wanted to post that we are scheduled for another block in the coming week with epoch 241. Returns for the recent minting will be in your wallets soon!


Epoch 240 update:

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and New Years season! Epoch 240 is looking to be another good one for us -- we are scheduled for two more blocks this week! You can verify our performance on pooltool. This should be approximately a 350% luck epoch for us, which means good returns for everyone. Happy 2021!


Epoch 239 New Year update:

Hello everyone! Unfortunately the lottery did not assign us any blocks this epoch, however our rewards for 238 look to be around ~11% annualized. Thank you for your support and I look forward to what 2021 is going to bring us all! Happy New Year!


Upcoming epoch update:

Two blocks are scheduled for our 238th epoch! Delegates will not find any coal in their stockings this year!

Congratulations to everyone, we are looking forward to a productive 2021. Good luck to all of you!


Upcoming epoch update:

Leader logs show another scheduled block for us in epoch 237! 🍀 Congratulations to our delegates on more healthy % rewards! Happy holidays everyone!

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