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[PATI] Patience 辛抱

PATI⏳ is a cloud based pool with relays in the USA, Europe and South Korea.

Our current goals are doing our part to secure the network with pledge, promote education about the ecosystem, and providing an independent and performant Cardano staking platform.

We are establishing a website as a place of education for all the Cardano community.
As the network evolves we will explore new opportunities that arise to serve the network.

Learn more on our Telegram group:

辛抱 / Δτ
Pool ID: pool1g2htk67ngtrw5mz6npgu3tugmcuqfgu0lxm8m26d7x79w75xupn ( 42aebb6bd342c6ea6c5a9851c8af88de3804a38ff9b67dab4df1bc57)

Patience Cardano Stake Pool

Patience 辛抱
ROA Lifetime
Live Stake
975.68k ₳
Active Stake
971.84k ₳
100.00k ₳
Fixed Cost
340 ₳
Last Rewards
minting E281
Estimated Blocks in Whole Epoch
Block Trend
Lifetime Blocks
Lifetime Luck
2020-10-17 22:11:38
Pool Owners
1 (rewards)
Pledge Leverage
Social Media
Claimed pool


Epoch 255:

Happy to announce we are scheduled for 6 blocks this epoch! As per usual you can see these blocks get verified on our pooltool page. This is a welcome change of luck while IOG remains on our pool! All delegates to our pool are greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoy the good rewards. I am considering a possible method of rewarding delegation loyalty but I have no concrete plan for this yet. There are some interesting Catalyst proposals right now that may influence my decisions in the future.

I am also constantly busy, some rebranding work is going on behind the scenes and I am working on a special project that will hopefully be something I can talk more about soon. In the mean time happy 255 and good luck to all of you!


Epoch 254:

Somewhat disappointingly, PATI is scheduled for one lonely block this epoch. It sure beats zero, but the odds of this are still awfully low (around 25% luck factor). Hope everyone did better in the lottery than we have this month. :)


Epoch 253:

Brief update to say PATI is scheduled for 3 blocks again this epoch, one of which has been minted so far. For some reason the usual methods of reporting our slots on pooltool didn't seem to work normally this epoch so they aren't visible there, but we should end up with 3 barring anything unforseen. Thanks for your understanding :) (Edit: Seems we forgot that cron was using local time for sending slots, oops.. all blocks minted regardless)


Epoch 252:

Hello! Just a quick announcement that we have 3 blocks scheduled for this epoch. This is around a high 80% luck, which is slightly disappointing but there will be plenty more ahead. The month has been a little slow for us block wise but that is how it goes sometimes. Happy weekend!


Epoch 250:

Happy to announce we are scheduled for 5 blocks this epoch, putting our luck at 150%!

In other news we are all set up for the Mary HFC event which is coming to mainnet very soon now. Our servers have been upgraded and on the newest node version for some time now. With the advent of native assets we will just be starting to open up the potential of the Cardano network, so very exciting times are ahead!

Stay safe and good luck everyone! 🍀 💚


Epoch 249:

Well, we got unlucky this time. PATI is scheduled for a mere 1 block in 249. It happens, this puts our epoch luck around 30%, which should make it a pretty uncommon occurance. It does at least demonstrate that we are getting blocks reliably every epoch with our stake level.

Remember the entire process is random. If you check our pooltool metrics page you will see that a 200% luck epoch (6+ blocks) has approximately a 10% chance (the red bar) of occuring. Fortunes can shift dramatically on the low end of saturation. A growing pool in our stake range converges on 5% ROI over time, so you don't lose anything with us and gain opportunities at months like our last one where the 30 day trend peaked around 8% annualized.

Good luck to everyone!


Epoch 248 update:

We have gained a couple new stake addresses and the IOG stake is doing its job as we are scheduled for another 3 blocks in epoch 248. This is still slightly short of being our ideal, which means we got ever so slightly unlucky again. Rewards should be typical of an average pool. Remember though, it only takes one or two extra blocks for our luck to boost anywhere from 33%-66% :)

Happy 248th and good luck to everyone in the ecosystem. 🍀🧱


Epoch 247 update:

I am happy to announce we are scheduled for 3 blocks in epoch 247. IOG stake is going active, and this is approximately 100% luck right now so rewards will be similar to other pools. For comparison purposes, one additional assigned slot would have increased luck to around 133%, meaning we are still small enough to have some significantly high yield epochs. In any event, blocks are always welcome! Cheers everyone! 🍀


IOG delegation:

Hello again! A pleasant surprise tonight as we have just confirmed IOG's 3.2m delegation to our pool and numerous other cohort pools is being registered tonight! This brings our total live stake to around 4 million. This stake will start taking effect after a short period of time passes and it transitions into becoming active, after which we should be minting regularly and building a larger performance history.

This stake will remain on all cohort pools for three months, after which there will be another round of applications for this support. Congratulations to all of our fellow cohorts and the community at large! This move will impact many pool operations and can only help further our decentralization as we progress into the exciting events of 2021.


Relay changes:

Hello community! Writing an update to inform you that we have moved one of our relay nodes out of the USA to South Korea to both aid in our global block propagation capability as well as support further decentralization of the network. As usual thank you for your support!


Epoch 245 update:

Small notice, unfortunately we were not elected for any blocks again this epoch. However, on the positive side, we will be receiving 3.2m in delegation sometime around the end of next week according to IOG correspondence. This delegation will remain on our pool for 3 months, at which point we will determine whether to reapply or not depending on if we are able to successfully garner more support. You can expect much more regular block production for all of the pools in the cohort including ours, see announcement link below for details. Have a great epoch!


Epoch 244 update:

Quick update today, we have not been elected for any blocks in the upcoming epoch 244. We've been lucky recently so this isn't all that surprising, though the odds remained the same as the selection process is randomized without any historical biases. We will see you in the next epoch!

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