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[ATAD2] ATADA-2 Stakepool in Austria


if you are a new delegator, please take a look if ATAD2 is saturated with
more then 65M ada in stake. If so, please delegate to ATADA instead! :-)

Our pool is located in the beautiful DACH Area - we are a StakepoolOperator Supporter, providing tools, guide and information for other Operators. We actively support the CardanoEcosystem!

Please join our telegram group:

Thank you very much my friends, lets stake and stay together! :-)

Best regards, Martin
Pool ID: pool19w5khsnmu27au0kprw0kjm8jr7knneysj7lfkqvnu66hyz0jxsx (2ba96bc27be2bdde3ec11b9f696cf21fad39e49097be9b0193e6b572)

Stake safe and secure in beautiful Austria! 1.5% until end of year as re-delegation bonus. Please join our Telegram channel

ATADA-2 Stakepool in Austria
ROA Lifetime
Live Stake
51.98M โ‚ณ
Active Stake
52.20M โ‚ณ
900.00k โ‚ณ
Fixed Cost
340 โ‚ณ
Last Rewards
minting E272
Estimated Blocks in Whole Epoch
Block Trend
Lifetime Blocks
Lifetime Luck
2020-11-07 12:07:21
Pool Owners
3 (rewards)
Pledge Leverage
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Claimed pool

Why stake with ATADA StakePools Austria (ATADA or ATAD2) - Here is why !

You may ask yourself, why should i stake with one of this StakePools, here we can provide you with some facts:

  • We are a Supporter-Pool for other Operators
    We are actively supporting other StakePool Operators by providing Tools, s and Guides. You can check out about the tools at our GitHub repository here: With our s many other StakePool Operators are doing there daily maintainance. Also we provide Guides on how to use Operator funds for Catalyst voting as you can find here ( Or with the latest ChainUpgrade there was a bug introduced leading to memory leakage on the StakePool servers, we provide a solution to fix this here ( for example. So when you support us, you also support other StakePool Operators and the whole Cardano Ecosystem.

  • We drive Security forward
    Its about Security, so we are pushing the boundaries forward for other SPOs by introducing Hardware-Wallet and Offline-Mode support in our Supporting-Tools

  • We are member of the Cardano Friends & Family Group - Now also in the Alonzo-Blue-Crew  
    As a proud member of the F&F Group we are at the forefront of Cardano Development and News. We are included to drive decisions, or to improve aspects of already implemented solutions, etc. 

  • We have Experience in StakePool Operation since the beginning of the ITN Testnet in 2019
    Since the beginning of the ITN Testnet way back in 2019, we're part of this ecosystem. We brought our Experience over to the Mainnet. Our servers are high reliable with ultrafast Uplinks and are of course fully redundant and fail-save.

  • We stand for Decentralization, so our Servers are also physically decentralized
    Its important to not only have many StakePools on Cardano but also physically distributed servers around the world. So ours servers are located in the DACH (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) area in CentralEurope.

  • We have a very supportive Telegram-Group for our Delegators
    Please join our Telegram-Group here if you wanna be part of it. You are welcome to ask any StakePool or Cardano related question in there.

Theses are only a few points, maybe this helps you to decide if you wanna stake with us.
The key point is, we actively do something to drive the whole Cardano Ecosystem forward, and thats important.

Best regards,
  ATADA StakePools Austria


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