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[VITAL] Responsible Staking

We are sharing fixed cost with our delegators. This allows us to match rates of the top saturated pools even as a low saturated pool.

+ We calculate a benchmark rate (AVG ROA of top 100 saturated pools)
+ We add 5% on top
+ This benchmark rate is used to calculate our fixed cost.
+ The rest of the 340 ADA is distributed to our delegators.


Our commitment:

+ 20% to social stability projects
+ Single pool operator
+ Eco Energy
+ Hybrid cloud setup
Pool ID: pool1qadgwr92pgx0yz3u9n63f0s9ugryaud6wxers850z6sfu06y3rg (075a870caa0a0cf20a3c2cf514be05e2064ef1ba71b2381e8f16a09e)

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We share the fixed cost with you - Staking with Social and Environmental Responsibility

Responsible Staking
ROA Lifetime
Live Stake
460.97k โ‚ณ
Active Stake
460.07k โ‚ณ
40.00k โ‚ณ
Fixed Cost
340 โ‚ณ
Last Rewards
272 epochs ago E0
Estimated Blocks in Whole Epoch
Block Trend
Lifetime Blocks
Lifetime Luck
2021-02-18 21:22:22
Pool Owners
1 (rewards)
Pledge Leverage
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Best Rate Offer (AVG Top 100 + 5%)

We are serious about being transparent with our delegators. The truth is that in Cardano’s current reward scheme a small pool cannot provide competitive rates compared to big pools. For this reason have an offer which compensates the issue.

The logic is simple: We pay you a 5% higher reward than the average Top 100 pool (by active stake). This allows you to not worry about which individual pool provides the best rate at a certain time and hop to other pools if the active stake is reducing or the pool is changing parameters. We will update the best rate every epoch, so you will keep getting best in class rewards.

All Details:

Mobile App

Check your reward in our Progressive Web App. It is available on


Social Stability

We donate 20% of all incomes to integration projects. This helps increasing social stability in times of refugee camps and integration challenges. Ultimately making the world a safer place for all of us.

Environmental Responsibility

Evolve from air-polluting Cryptocurrencies which are based on proof of work, like Bitcoin. Those networks generate significant power consumption. Distributed Prove of stake is far more efficient! Our servers are operated on 100% renewable ECO energy.

Network Reliability

We are a Single Pool Operator! Thus enhancing the Network Security and Stability of Cardano and avoid centralization through a few big exchanges. Well equipped Servers (4 Core, 16 GB RAM), properly hardened, monitored and maintained.

Architecture Details

Our servers are distributed to 3 locations in Austria, Germany and Finland. Well equipped (4-8 Core, 16-24 GB RAM), properly hardened, monitored, backed up and maintained. Set-up for high availability and sized to meet future demands.

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