Maybe unknown features ๐Ÿ˜Š

Bot is located there:

Type him some message (whatever you want, hello ufo for example) and he send you unique link for notification config.

You can there select which pools you want follow and which type of messages do you want receive (stake changes? minted blocks? costs change? etc.).

You can (un)subscribe here too global messages - for example. news about adapools, interresting cadano articles etc.

If you are SPO

If you have defined telegram-admin-handle in your extended file, then you have there another Management section.

  • you can send bulk messages to all your pool-followers
  • you can set up public pool message - is visible on pool detail for all visitors
  • you can set maintenance mode for your relay(s) - for ex. if you are upgrading pool - with active maintenance mode your followers not receive messages about offline relay; if you click maintenance mode later, when is your node marked as offline, then followers will receive message about planned maintenance node.

On main page is list of all pools, if you want see fine-sorted list by pool operator group, we have dedicated group page with sizes and delegation trend.

You can watch, how much active are delegators with re-delegations in TOP pools (default) or your list - delegation flow

Example: delegation flow #POOLS in last 10 days

Since mainnet we have a lot of open resources and one of them is basic db fingerprint named summary.json, located here:

As a superstructure using these outputs, we have created various outputs that you can use as you wish.

You can find your widget and html source here: Pool Detail > Share tab


Note: If you want remove adapools header, add to iframe src url &whitelabel=1