IOG has released db-sync with several bugs and a new release has not yet been issued. for this reason, rewards, metadata, stake sizes may be temporarily inaccurate in some cases. thank you for your understanding.

Block 4750e51f73d901a0df5ed918b18f0483225c56bb42259a5b1cc694b71a5b33f1

  • Time 22-07-2021, 05:44
  • Epoch / Slot 279 / 201568
  • TXs 1
22-07-2021, 05:44
38.95k โ‚ณ DdzF...BZa3dKvi

3.87k โ‚ณ DdzF...xEoBLMZF
4.04k โ‚ณ addr...uqa6rdrt

8.50k โ‚ณ addr...vsfjhwj4

9.75k โ‚ณ DdzF...ZwMHxo8D

20.52k โ‚ณ DdzF...mcD81KiE
42.81k โ‚ณ
0.19 โ‚ณ