Cardano Single Pool Alliance is a loosely connected group of separate stake pool operators who have all vowed to run a single stake pool for the sole purpose of providing the Cardano ecosystem with True Decentralization.
Cardano Bare Metal Alliance is an alliance formed amongst Cardano Stake Pool Operators who operate their stake pools using at least one bare metal server.
We are a collective of pools that have charitable missions!
We starting to get together to make a coordinated effort to help new pools with 0 blocks in getting started.
Alliance of Raspberry Pi and ARM based Stake Pools.
Canadian Cardano Stakepool Association
SPOTA is for all Individuals that are contributing to the Cardano-Ecosystem with Tools, etc. for running and maintaining a Cardano-StakePool.
Big collaboration of small stake pools and skilled pool operators.
Alliance of Swiss Cardano Stake Pools
Cardano Renewable Energy Stake Pool Alliance is a loosely affiliated group of Cardano stake pool operators who utilize renewable energy sources to power their pools.

If you want have there your alli, create alliance list (example) and send us link to this list - to email: [email protected]