IOG has released db-sync with several bugs and a new release has not yet been issued. for this reason, rewards, metadata, stake sizes may be temporarily inaccurate in some cases. thank you for your understanding.

Address addr1qyzrjzvat2smsmqle4ukrluxq uyms63tl8qnnvh05ekakwrwge3h8py 9u0z0uttehr20ukksygzlk7qaaak8h 70kle0qpscau4

Addresses with same stake key TXs First Last Balance
addr...0qmwgxna 1 18-07-2021, 16:36 18-07-2021, 16:36 21.3 ā‚³
addr...0qqztp8g 1 18-07-2021, 13:32 18-07-2021, 13:32 27.8 ā‚³
Total 49.2 ā‚³