We are now displaying saturations etc. with k=500 (still is 150)
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Address DdzFFzCqrhsvdfj6fr2xSiXzZhy1BY FxVRZRHvL6434pPKAUUP8FKWcZAQCF d7bTcxwLEVnMuwpLAsbfuyez14cUxp JkedLyLRFkam2V

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10-05-2020, 05:25
10.00k β‚³ DdzF...JW9n1jth

38.85k β‚³ DdzF...hruoDAYh

3.78k β‚³ DdzF...LRFkam2V

55.64k β‚³ DdzF...AFm2VAhc

79.49k β‚³ DdzF...gJY1piWn
64.61k β‚³ DdzF...A5sG8SfK

123.14k β‚³ DdzF...7ExLENMd
3.78k β‚³
0.205 β‚³
08-05-2020, 13:26
7.35k β‚³ DdzF...hiYj5avi

440.98k β‚³ DdzF...gtFBVt3c

146.45k β‚³ DdzF...TBiRf7fD
12.46k β‚³ DdzF...q6tiYrTy

3.78k β‚³ DdzF...LRFkam2V

142.66k β‚³ DdzF...4LpPCrM5

435.87k β‚³ DdzF...mhpPq9Db
3.78k β‚³
0.197 β‚³